Admission Requirements for Higher Education in Colombia

Each higher education institution determines its own admission requirements which students are required to meet in order to be admitted to the study programme offered by the institution. Read on to know about the admission requirements and procedure for higher education in Colombia:

General Admission Requirements

Following are the prerequisites for admission to the various higher education institutions study programmes, in addition to those specified by each higher education institution: 
  • For all undergraduate programmes, students must hold a secondary school diploma (Bachiller Academico or Tecnico certificate) or an equivalent qualification, and also must have undertaken the “State Examination (examen del estado)” for admission to higher education in Colombia.
  • For specialization programme, students must hold a degree in the related occupation.
  • For master's programme, students must hold an undergraduate degree. 
  • For doctorate programme, students must hold a masters degree in a related field.


Students must undertaken the State Examination- ICFES.
  • Acceptable state exam score: 45 or above
International students must take similar test to the State Examination-ICFES, such as International Baccalaureate, ACT or SAT.

Applying Ways and Means

Applicants must fill out a registration form and submit it to the institution of their choice along with the required documents. You can fill the form online or download it from the official website of the institution and send it visa mail. Contact the respective higher education institution to know about the application procedure. 


  • Application form and fee receipt
  • Academic transcripts: Secondary education completion certificate- Bachiller Academico or Tecnico certificate
  • State examination document
  • An undergraduate degree or an equivalent qualification (for graduate studies)
  • A valid identity document and two passport-size photos
  • Spanish language proficiency certificate- DELE B2 level is required (If the language of instruction of the programme is Spanish, students are required to demonstrate their proficiency level in Spanish)
  • Letter of recommendation: At least two; it must be issued by the professor/teacher of the educational institution/university where you studied. 
  • Research proposal (for doctorate programmes) in the discipline you want to prepare your doctorate thesis.
  • Resume: Maximum 2 pages
  • Academic essay: It should be of maximum 2 pages and should include importance of studying in this particular institution, and impact it would have on your professional and personal development.

Additional Requirements

Applicants are usually required to pass a personal interview and an additional admission exam conducted by the higher education institution/ faculty to which they are applying.

Contact the Colombian higher education institution to know more about the admission requirements.
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