Accreditation and Quality Assurance System in Colombia

The quality assurance system for higher education in Colombia is well established. The quality assurance system in Colombia consists of 3 inter-related elements
  • Information
  • Evaluation
  • Development/Promotion


There are 4 information systems that provide information on the quality. These systems help in the evaluation and improvement process. 

National System of Higher Education Information (SNIES)

The SNIES provides valid information on the higher education institutions in Colombia and their study programmes. The system produces consolidated date, statistics and indicators.


Labor Observatory for Education

The Labor Observatory for Education provides continuous follow-up on the Colombian higher education graduates. The system provides data on the relationship between the labor world and higher education. It also helps in educational policies, quality improvement of programmes, and pupil’s decision on their career.

Contact details:
Citizen Service Unit (Ministry of Education)
Calle 43 No 57-14 - CAN Bogota DC
Fax:: 2-22 - 49-53 

Higher Education Quality Assurance Information System (SACES)

The SACES has information on the qualified registry procedure of academic programmes. This system is for higher education institutions and their academic programmes. 


Higher Education Institutions Drop Out Analysis and Prevention System (SPADIES)

The SPADIES tracks the number of pupils dropping out of higher education. Also, pupils are grouped as per their risk of dropping out.



Evaluation is carried out by the following organizations:

National Intersectorial Committee for Quality Assurance/ Cross-Sector Committee for the Assurance of Quality in Higher Education (CONACES)

The CONACES has 7 committees organized by areas of knowledge. It assesses the requirements for the formation of the higher education institutions and academic programmes. It also provides advice to the government on policies related to quality assurance.

National Council of Consulting Agencies
in Higher Education (CESU)

The CESU is formed by the representatives of higher education (students, researchers, teachers and the institutions), the government and the private sector. The CESU gives advice to the government on educational policies and follow-up.

National Council of Accreditation (CNA, or Consejo Nacional de Acreditacion)

The CAN is composed of 7 CESU and provides advice to the Ministry of Education on accreditation of the institutions and their programmes. The council is in charge for carrying out the evaluation for high quality accreditation. It evaluates the Colombian higher education institutions and programmes.

Contact details:
Calle 19 No. 6 - 68. Piso 17 (057) (1) 341 10 50/52 Bogota - Colombia: (057) (1) 222 28 00



Through the promotion, the Ministry of Education provides technical help in the evaluation procedure. Also, the Ministry develops projects related to improving the quality of institutions.  

Other National Bodies

Ministry of National Education ( Ministerio de Educacion Nacional)

The Ministry of National Education is responsible for the education sector in Colombia. The Ministry formulates the national policy and procedures on education at all levels. 

Contact details:
Calle 43 No. 57-14. National Administrative Center, CAN, Bogota


Association of Colombian Universities (ASCUN, or Asociacion Colombiana de Universidades)

The ASCUN promotes integration and interaction of the academic community, represents the Colombian universities and serves as an interlocutor of the universities in Colombia. 


Colombian Institute for the Development of Higher Education Institutes (ICFES, or Colombiano para el Fomento de la Educacion Superior)

The ICFES manages and assesses the education and institutes in Colombia. It  improves the quality of education in Colombia, and provides the national evaluation test for entry into the higher education institutions in Colombia. 

Contact details:
Offices: Carrera 7 No. 32-12 San Martin Building, South Tower. Bogota, Colombia 
Local Line (57 1) 307-7008(57 1) 307-7008 

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