List of Universities in Colombia

Colombia has both public and private higher education institutions- universities, university institutes, professional technical institutions, and technological institutions. Here is a list of List of Universities and Higher Education Institutions in Colombia.

List of Higher Education Institutions in Colombia

  • Universidad Antonio Narino - See Federman
  • Autonomous University of Manizales
  • Universidad Antonio Narino - See Cucuta
  • Universidad Antonio Narino
  • Central University
  • Autonomous University of Bucaramanga
  • Universidad Antonio Narino - See Villavicencio
  • Autonomous University of the Caribbean - Barranquilla
  • Universidad Antonio Narino - Pasto Headquarters
  • Autonomous University of Colombia
  • Latin American University
  • Catholic University of Colombia
  • Popular Catholic University of Risaralda
  • Catholic University of Manizales
  • East Catholic University (UCO) - Rionegro, Antioquia
  • Cooperative University of Colombia
  • University of Caldas
  • Central University of Valle del Cauca (Tulua)
  • University of Antioquia
  • University Jorge Tadeo Lozano
  • University of America
  • University of Cordoba - Monteria
  • Cooperative University of San Gil Unisangil
  • University of Boyaca Uniboyaca university
  • University of Cartagena
  • University of Medellin
  • University of Cundinamarca
  • University of Amazonia
  • University of San Buenaventura - Cali
  • University of La Salle
  • Universidad de Los Andes
  • Universidad de Los Llanos
  • University of Manizales
  • University of Narino
  • Northern University
  • University of Pamplona
  • Universidad del Bosque
  • University of San Buenaventura - Medellin
  • University of San Buenaventura - Bogota
  • Universidad del Rosario
  • University of Sucre
  • Atlantic University
  • University of La Sabana
  • University Incca
  • Universidad del Cauca
  • El Minuto de Dios University
  • University of Quindio
  • University ICESI - Cali
  • Universidad del Tolima
  • Manuela Beltran University
  • District University of Bogota
  • University EAFIT
  • Universidad El Bosque
  • Universidad del Valle
  • External University of Colombia
  • Francisco de Paula Santander University of Cucuta
  • Free University - Sectional Barranquilla
  • National University - Bogota
  • Industrial University of Santander
  • Universidad Javeriana
  • Universidad Javeriana Cali
  • Universidad La Gran Colombia
  • Free University - Bogota
  • University of Santander
  • Popular University of Cesar
  • Free University - Sectional Cali
  • Free University - Sectional Pereira
  • National Open University and Distance UNAD
  • Mariana University (Pasto)
  • Metropolitan University - Barranquilla
  • Pilot University of Colombia - Bogota
  • New Granada Military University
  • St. Thomas Aquinas University Bucaramanga
  • National University - Medellin
  • Sergio Arboleda University
  • National Pedagogical University
  • Pedagogical and Technological University of Colombia
  • Adventist University Corporation UNAC
  • Pilot University of Colombia - Girardot
  • Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana
  • Colombian College
  • Santiago de Cali University
  • University of St. Thomas Aquinas
  • Education Corporation of North Tolima
  • South Colombian University
  • Technological University of Pereira
  • Educational Development Corporation Mayor "Simon Bolivar"
  • Virtual University Campus - UVC
  • Engineering Studies Center
  • CESA, College of Management Studies
  • Higher College of Telecommunications
  • University Corporation for Ibague
  • Career Corporation of Cauca UCICA
  • University Corporation of Meta
  • Higher Education Corporation UNITEC
  • University Corporation for Applied Sciences and Environmental UDCA
  • Colombian Industrial Technology Corporation
  • Lasallian University Corporation
  • Autonomous University of the West Corporation - Cali
  • University Corporation for Science and Development UniCiencia
  • Bolivar Technological University Corporation
  • University Corporation of Santander
  • Colombian School of Hotel and Tourism
  • University Corporation of the Sinu
  • Caribbean University Corporation CECAR
  • University Corporation of the Sinu - Sectional Cartagena
  • School of Business Administration EAN (Bogota)
  • Corporacion Universitaria Minuto de Dios
  • University Corporation Rafael Nunez
  • Uiversitaria corporation Remington - Medellin
  • National Police Academy Sectional Simon Bolivar - Tulua
  • Coruniversitec
  • Colombian School of Design (Bogota)
  • Naval NCO School ARC Barranquilla
  • San Martin University Foundation
  • Colombian School of Rehabilitation
  • University Foundation of the Andean Area
  • Cadet School of General Police Santander
  • School of Engineering of Antioquia (Envigado, Antioquia)
  • Foundation Colombian Center for Professional Studies
  • Esumer Educational Foundation - Medellin
  • Uiversitaria of Health Sciences Foundation
  • Naval Cadet School "Almirante Jose Prudencio Padilla"
  • Colombian School of Engineering Julio Garavito
  • International School of Design and Commerce La Salle - Bogota
  • School Naval Almirante Padilla
  • Higher School of Public Administration
  • College of Fine Arts Cartagena de Indias
  • Foundation Center for Research, Training and Management Consulting CIDCA
  • University Foundation Juan de Castellanos (Tunja)
  • Foundation Colombian School of Hospitality and Tourism ECOTET
  • Higher Vocational School Foundation INPAHU
  • Comfenalco Technological Institute Foundation (Cartagena)
  • Central University of Colombia Foundation
  • Institute of Health Sciences
  • University Foundation Popayan
  • North Catholic University Foundation
  • Juan N. Corpas University Foundation
  • University Foundation Konrad Lorenz
  • Luis Amigo University Foundation
  • University Foundation San Martin - Barranquilla Headquarters
  • Institute of La Paz (Barrancabermeja)
  • Polytechnic University Foundation Grancolombiano
  • University Institution CESMAG (Pasto)
  • Andino Polytechnic Colombo
  • Institute for Coastal Research "Jose Benito Vives de Andreis" INVEMAR
  • La Salle Central Technical Institute
  • University Institution of Envigado
  • Jaime Isaza Cadavid Colombian Polytechnic - Medellin
  • Polytechnic Atlantic Coast
  • Instituto Tecnologico Metropolitano Medellin

Other Related Education Institutions

  • National Library of Colombia
  • Virtual Library - Manuela Beltran University Foundation
  • National Newspaper - ICFES
  • Jorge Roa Martinez Library - Technological University of Pereira
  • National Library Luis Angel Arango
  • Library catalog University of the Andes
  • Biblioteca Universidad de Manizales
  • Javeriana University Library
  • Library of the University of Quindio
  • Biblioteca Universidad del Valle
  • Libraries University of Caldas
  • North University Library
  • Library Unitec
  • Biblioteca Universidad de La Salle
  • Library catalog of the External University of Colombia
  • SENA Colombia
  • Libraries University of Antioquia
  • EAFIT University Library
  • Library UPB - Pontifical University Bolivariana
  • Colombian Institute for the Promotion of Higher Education ICFES
  • Instituto Caro y Cuervo
  • PECX - Professional and Colombian Students Abroad - Association of Colombian Profesionals Abroad, INC
  • SENA - Regional Antioquia
  • SENA - Sectional

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