Study Visa for Colombia

International students who wish to study in Colombia must apply for temporary student visa/Colombian Student Visa (TP-3). You can apply for this visa at the Colombian embassy/consulate in your home country. Read on to know about the Colombian student visa application and documentation:

Colombian Student Visa Application

You can apply for visa in-person at the Colombian embassy/consulate in your place of residence, or can apply online. Consult the embassy if it is possible to apply online. The visa application form can be downloaded from the Colombian embassy/consulate website. 


  • Visa application form: 2 copies completely filled and signed
  • Evidence of financial solvency: Can be bank certificate, scholarship certificate or guarantor letter. 
  • Enrollment letter/admission letter issued the educational institution in Colombia: It should indicate that the study programme requires at least 10 hours per week.
  • Copy of passport: Copy of first page of your passport where personal data is shown, and page where the last stamp of departure/entry of Colombia is displayed.
  • Fees payment receipt
  • Three Passport-size photos
  • Certified photocopy of the Approval Resolution from the Ministry of National Education of Colombia or the corresponding legal status (Personeria Juridica) of the educational institution.
**All documents must be translated in Spanish language

Processing time: The visa is processed in 10 days and is valid for the duration of the programme in Colombia. 

After you enter the country, report your arrival to the university/institution and complete your registration process. 
International students in Colombia must send a copy of their student visa to the Security Administration Department (DAS).

Foreign Resident Card: Students aged 7 to 18 must visit the immigration office or DAS with their legal representative within 30 days of their arrival in Colombia. They must carry their legal document or visa.

For Short-term Visits to Colombia

Temporary Visitor/Tourist Visa

Foreigners who wish to travel to Colombia for a short period of time must apply for temporary visitor visa. This visa is for academic purpose, short-term studies, cultural even, educational seminar or other related activities.  


For temporary visitor visa, you must have the following documents:
  • Completed filled-in application form
  • A valid passport and 3 passport-size photos
  • Evidence of financial stability: Last 3 bank statements to prove that you can support yourself while in the country.  
  • Evidence of an onward/return travel ticket
  • An invitation letter from the educational institution/Colombian national and a copy of valid identity card
In order to extend your stay in Colombia, go to your local Security Administration Department (DAS, or Departamento Administrativo de Seguridad).  Stay up to 30 to 60 days is granted, however the total duration of your stay cannot go beyond 180 days.

Processing time: 10 days

For latest updates see official website
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