Study and Living in Colombia

International students planning to study abroad in Colombia, read on to know about the student accommodation, transportation, health insurance, cost of study and living in Colombia

Living Expenses

Colombia is an affordable study and living destination. The cost of living in Colombia is low and provides good quality facilities and infrastructure that you’d expect in a much more costly location.  The cost of living varies by location and amenities. 

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees vary by the types of institution-public or private, and the study programme. 
  • At public universities in Colombia, students can expect to about 2,000,000 pesos per semester. 
  • At private universities in Colombia, students can expect to pay between 2,000,000 and 11,000,000 pesos per semester.
Contact the higher education institution in Colombia to know the exact tuition fees. 

Student Accommodation

Following accommodation options are available for students in Colombia:

University residences: All the basic facilities, such as food, television, laundry, internet, and so on are available in the university residences in Colombia. 

Apartments: Students who prefer more freedom can go for this accommodation option. The apartments in Colombia are generally furnished. Single or double bedrooms are available, and all the necessary facilities are available.

Homestays: If you want to learn the local language of Colombia and also know about their lifestyle and customs, then this is the best accommodation option. While studying with the host family, you will learn the language, understand the local culture, pick up expressions and language slang with ease, and your accent will sound more real. 

Teacher Home: Students have the option of living with the language teacher in Colombia. Learning a language in the teacher’s home is one of the most efficacious ways of learning the local language quickly. This accommodation option allows you to totally immerse yourself in the culture and the language of the country.

The cost of accommodation varies by location and amenities.


The Ministry of Transport managed the transport system in Colombia. Public transport in Colombia is well-developed. 

Public Transportation 

Getting Around by Bus

The cheapest and easiest way to travel around Colombia is bus. Each city in Colombia has a bus terminal that connects it to other cities. Some of the popular bus companies in Colombia are: Expreso Palmira, Flota Magdalena and Expreso Boliviano. In some cities in Colombia, bus stops are available, while in other cities, you must wave down the bus. 

City buses in Colombia have flat fare.  There are many types of buses in Colombia. The most common bus is the small bus (buseta). The fare varies depending on the type of bus and city. The bus fare ranges from COP$600 to COP$1650.

Mass Transit

Mass transit is popular mode of transport in Colombia. The only commuter rail line in Colombia is in Medellin. Medellin has its famous Metro. The metro connects the city with many of its metropolitan areas. Pereira also has the MegaBus system.

Getting Around by Taxis

Taxis in Colombia are convenient, cheap and found everywhere. All the taxis have meters. On the Caribbean coast, you need to pay extra or haggle. A few of the taxis apps in Colombia are Tappsi, and Easy Taxi 
These taxis get around in major cities of Colombia. 

Getting Around by Tricycle Moto-Taxi

Tuk-tuks are very popular in the country. These are moto-taxis, having covered roof, three seats and a tarp around the sides. 

Travelling Around by Colectivo

In Colombia, Colectivo are a shared taxi, a mid-sized bus, or an overloaded Jeep. These mostly run in short intercity routes. 

Getting Around by Motorcycles

Motorcycle-taxis are the fastest way of travelling in and around the country. You can rent a motorcycle in Colombia.  

Getting Around by Chiva-style

Colombia principal mode of road transportation a few decades ago was the “Chiva-style”. This is a Disneyland style vehicle, also known as the bus de escalera. This is mainly known as “art on wheels”. The body of the bus is made of wood and the seats are wooden. The body has colorful decorative designs. Chivas today run in small towns of Colombia. 

Medical Insurance

Higher education institutions in Colombia have medical insurance which their pupils receive when they register at the institution. This insurance is compulsory. Each university in Colombia has a contract with a company specialized in offering insurance services. The institution will tell you about the service at the enrollment time.

International students can acquire insurance in their home country that is valid in Colombia. International students who do not possess a health policy from their home country, are required to obtain one in Columbia. To acquire the policy, passport or international resident identity card is required.

Note: Prices are indicative in nature. For latest updates see official website
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